about mana

bear waving hello hoi I’m mana, but you can also call me momo! I’ve lived for 30-something years in the USA. she/they, demipansexual, gender is confusing. I’m a disabled neurodivergent NEET who has been happily married since 2011.korilakkuma with a heart

I’m a multilingual audodidact, and one of my goals in life is to be able to say something in every language. languages we have some proficiency in are English (native speaker), Japanese (self-taught), and German (studied in secondary school). we have some limited vocabulary and can construct basic sentences in Spanish and Korean and can say a few words in Italian, Russian, French, Mandarin, and Brazilian Portuguese.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, ehlers-danlos syndrome, complex ptsd, and misophonia. before these disabilities prevented me from working, I worked as a line cook for 3 years and a barista for 4.


πŸ‘ also known as: momo, makky, pulilith, hitsuji
πŸ‘ been with my partner since: 2009.01.01
πŸ‘ age: millenial
πŸ‘ mbti: infj
πŸ‘ zodiac: leo
πŸ‘ timezone: UTC-6 (most of the year) / UTC-5 (dst)


πŸ’• animal: two-toed sloth
πŸ’• sanrio character: little twin stars
πŸ’• flower: lycoris radiata
πŸ’• food: tiramisu
πŸ’• coffee drink: espresso con panna or iced latte with oatmilk
πŸ’• boba tea: thai milk tea, thai green tea, or floral infusions
πŸ’• thing to cook: pasta
πŸ’• thing to bake: bread
πŸ’• fashion aesthetic: softgirl & yume kawaii
πŸ’• song: ζ·‹γ—γ„η†±εΈ―ι­š (sabishii nettaigyo) by Wink
πŸ’• film: karigurashi no arrietty
πŸ’• tv show: twin peaks
πŸ’• video game: mother 2
πŸ’• anime: sailor moon superS
πŸ’• anime genre: iyashikei, slice-of-life, mahou shoujo
πŸ’• manga: watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaete mo omaera ga warui!
πŸ’• manga genre: josei, seinen, 4koma
πŸ’• book: the neverending story by michael ende
πŸ’• genre: cosmic horror, cyberpunk, psychological thriller, LN

hobbies & interests

DIY, cooking, crochet, sewing, coding/web design, blogging, jewelrymaking, needlepoint, modding/customizing/decorating (with stickers, washi tape, etc.), journaling & planners, singing, gardening, doodling, video games (animal crossing, harvest moon, stardew valley, jrpgs, and VNs are some favorites), spending time with the homies

πŸ’– likes

cute things, plushies, coffee, tea, floral flavors, nice people, open-minded people, teas & tisanes, soft & soothing music, naps, animals (sloths, vampire bats, pandas, lesser pandas, sheep, and frogs especially), sweets (tiramisu, crème caramel), pastries (croissant, pain au chocolat), gel pens, pastels, tattooing, skincare & makeup

πŸ’€ dislikes

awful people (nazis, racists, ableists, homophobes, terfs, swerfs, maps, etc.), crowded places, bugs (especially arachnids), hospitals, insomnia, my parents, tiktok, capitalism, nfts/crypto bullshit/web 3.0

where to find me

other stuff


overwhelmingly kind, nuturing, & forgiving ― the anti-chris
the sweetest peach on the entire planet ― meti
very honorable and powerful ― bliss
a wonderful and caring ray of sunshine that must be loved and protected at all costs ― lucidiot

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