a glossary of egglish terms

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lucidiot gave me the idea to include a glossary of all the strange terms my friend Eggy and I use, since it’s become such a part of my vocabulary I forget it might not be something others are familiar with. giggle
so, as per his suggestion, here goes a glossary of as many terms as I could think of in what I will be calling “Egglish,” the shared language Eggy and I use. ꉂ(˃̤▿˂̤*ૢ)’`

ababdominal muscle, singular. Lalafell only have the one.

aboos [ɐbˈuːs]・abuse

adbenchur [ɐdˌo͡ʊbənt͡ʃˈɜːɹ]・adventure

angery [ˈæŋɡɚɹi]・angry, mad, upset


ass istance [ˈæs ˈɪstəns]・almost always split by a line break; assistance, help

baccback, as in “welcome bacc!” or “I’m bacc!”

-bols [bˈo͡ʊlz]・suffix, appended to someone respected’s name; ex: eggyeggbols.

bols [bˈo͡ʊlz]・balls. eyeballs, spheres, round objects.

bons [bˈɑːnz]・bones, the substance Eggy feeds on (specifically tol bons).

booli [bˈuːli], also bollie [bˈɑːli]・from ‘bully,’ playful joking or teasing between friends.

borgir [bˈoː͡ɹɡɪ͡ɹ]|borgar [bˈoː͡ɹɡɚ], also hamburder [hˈæmbɜːdɚ]・hamburger

brethrenused on its own or with a prefix, such as “egg brethren,” signifies one’s alliance with all of eggkind.

bunboismale Viera

buttbut, ex: “I want to, butt I cannut be bothered.”

catboimale Miqo’te.

catmansmale Hrothgar

cat ladEggy’s catboy form.

choccy [t͡ʃˈɑːki]・hot chocolate/cocoa.

cofe [kˈo͡ʊfe͡ɪ]・coffee

consoom [kˈɑːnsˈuːm]・consume, to eat.

cri [kɹˈa͡ɪ]・cry, sob

crimbinal [kɹˈɪmbɪnə͡l]・criminal; a crime, as in “this is criminal.”

crimes|crims [kɹˈɪmz]・mods for games, or heinous deeds, such as consooming brethren.

derplanderhyur (humanesque) midlander male player characters.

disk horse [dɪskhˈɔː͡ɹs]・discourse

donut [dˈo͡ʊnʌt]・do not, as in “donut worry!”

dunjon [dˈɑːnd͡ʒɑːn]・dungeon

dye jobbu [dˈa͡ɪ d͡ʒˈɑːbuː]・from Japanese 大丈夫 (daijoubu), meaning “ok/alright;” as in “everything will be dye jobbu.”

ebil [ˈiːbɪl]・evil

eep [ˈiːp]|eepy [ˈiːpi]・sleep, sleepy.



eggus [ˈɛɡəs] or [ˈɛɡuːz]・a nickname for Eggy.

esppesso [ɛspɪpˈɛso͡ʊ]・espresso, from a mispelling on a tshirt.

eyebol son [ˈa͡ɪbɑːl sˈʌn]・shalloweye minion from ffxiv, Eggy’s sons. deepeye and other variants are also called eyebol sons.

feesh [fˈiːʃ]・fish, also a nickname for our friend Trout.

fingees [fˈiːŋkiːz]・fingers

foobs [fˈuːbz]・food

frens [fɹˈɛnz]・friends, the homies!

frolicto vibe, spending time doing whatever one wishes. ex: “take ur time I will frolic!”

fronds [fɹˈɑːndz]・friends

gomen nasorry [ɡˈo͡ʊmɛn nˈɑː sˈɑːɹi]from Japanese, ごめんなさい (gomen nasai), “I’m sorry”

goomy [ɡˈuːmi]・our skeleton son from minecwap.

gud [ɡˈuːd]・good

halp poosh [hˈælp pˈuːʃ]・what a homie does when their homie is using the toilet.

hawawawawa [hˌɑːwˈɑːwˈɑːwˈɑːwˈɑː]・an exclamation of fluster.

hols [hˈo͡ʊlz]・holes, either in general, or referring to butthole/peehole. singular hol.

hol up [hˈo͡ʊl ˈʌp]・“hold up” as in “wait a minute…”

homiesveri gud frens

hornilewd, from horny

inchresting [ˈɪnt͡ʃɹˈɛstɪŋ]・interesting. alt: centimetresting



lob [lˈɑːb]|lobe [lˈo͡ʊb]・love

long eggeggplant

marshmallowthe heaviest thing a Momo can lift, she is trying so hard.

melonthe heaviest thing an Egg can lift, a most impressive feat.

minecwap [mˈa͡ɪnkwˈæp]・minecraft

moar [mˈo͡ʊˈɑː͡ɹ]・more

momospronounced [mˈo͡ʊmo͡ʊz], a nickname for momo, sometimes used with the prefix “the,” as in “the momos.”

morbol son [mˈɔː͡ɹbo͡ʊl sˈʌn]・morbol enemies & minion in ffxiv.

nau|naow|nao [nˈa͡ʊ]・now, as in, immediately.

nappo [nˈæpo͡ʊ]・nap, to take a nap; ex: “I will go nappo!”

naur [nˈɑː͡ɹ]・no, as in “oh no!” which becomes “aur naur!”, from AUS English pronunciation.

nevar [nˈɛvɑː͡ɹ]・never

nut [nˈʌt]・not

oblong roundovular or egg-shaped, a less perfect but still veri gud shape.

oblong weekenda long weekend, such as one with a federal holiday before or after it so you get more than just the two days off in a row.

OoOooOOo00oooOO0oOoon its own, it is a mystery, which is why it necessitates a label after, such as (balls), (orbs), or (eggs).

permissionsveri gud fruit.

persimmonpermission, as in “I give u persimmon to do…”

rocka stone with an organic shape, not round, very displeasing.

roe mommiesfemale Roegadyn

roundthe best shape, only surpassed by sphere.

sadge [sˈæd͡ʒ]・sad

sensitibu [sˈɛnsɪtˌɪbuː]・sensitive, soft of heart.

smol [smˈo͡ʊl]・on its own, a descriptor, as in “small,” but used in the plural (smols), it means Lalafell.

snacc [snˈæk]・sustenance, food, as in “snack.”

squarenot as bad as trongle, but a displeasing shape nonetheless.

strem [stɹˈɛm]・stream

stronk [stɹˈɔŋk]|strongu [stɹˈɔŋɡuː]・strong

stucc [stˈʌk]・stuck, unable to move.

succ [sˈʌk]・to suck or draw inward, succor (Scholar healing spell).

sus [sˈʌs]・lewd, suspicious, vaguely horni.

sussy bussy [sˈʌsi bˈʌsi]・a person who is very sus; Triz.

tol [tˈo͡ʊl]・tall, as in not smol.

tol mans [tˈo͡ʊl mˈænz]・from “tall mans,” male Au Ra

trongle [tɹˈɔŋɡə͡l]・forbidden shape, the worst of them all.

upsetti [ʌpsˈɛdi]・upset, sad, angry. also: upsetti spaghetti. usually not serious, can be dismissive.

veri [vˈɛɹi]・very

violins [vˈa͡ɪ͡ələnz]・violence

vuln snax|vuln snacks [vˈʌln snˈæks]・from vulnerability stacks, stacks of the vulnerability up debuff.

wao [wˈa͡ʊ]・wow, an exclamation of surprise, upset, or some other strong emotion.

webbed sitewebsite

wen [wˈɛn]・when

wevenge|webenge [wˈɛbɛnd͡ʒ]・revenge

ya [jˈɐ]|ye [jˈiː]・an exclamation in the affirmative, yes.

yolk tearswhat leaks from Eggu’s eyebols when she sobs.