adventures in tiramisu

I finally made my good friend Matteo’s tiramisu recipe! It went really well, surprisingly! korilakkuma dance
I really expected it to be a lot more difficult than it was, but it was actually really easy thanks to owning an electric hand mixer.

my first ever tiramisu!
didn’t it turn out lovely?

It didn’t turn out perfectly but that’s quite alright; everyone’s first try on any recipe hardly ever goes as planned, or at least that’s been my experience…>w<
I learned that you should not leave the savoiardi in the espresso; in retrospect I knew this, I think I was just so excited to make it that this detail escaped me, so once it was cut into, there is a small puddle of espresso at the bottom of the pan x3 ehehe…woops!
so for next time, we know to dip the cookies into the coffee mixture then place them into the pan, and not to let them sit in the mixture for too long lest they crumble apart ;w;
mistakes were made, albeit delicious ones ehehe~♡ >w<

another thing I made today was a BLT! I hadn’t made one of these maybe ever? I know I’ve eaten them before but I think every time I’ve had them they’ve been prepared by someone else :O
I was feeling hungry at lunchtime and I wanted something warm, hearty, but also light, because I’ve been trying to eat a little lighter lately. x3 I took a look in the fridge and remembered I have a pound of bacon (that’s about 450g for my SI unit-using homies) in there and two heads of baby romaine lettuce. I checked the cabinet, sure enough, we had a single roma tomato left :D so I knew what I must do >:D

maybe the first BLT sandwich I’ve ever made???

so, we heated up two slices of bacon, and once that was done, we got the excellent idea of toasting the bread in the bacon grease (certainly not the most healthy, but it did let me avoid using mayonnaise, for whatever that is worth!). This sandwich…was very likely the best BLT I’ve ever had, including from in a restaurant. there wasn’t too much bacon (a common complaint of mine, it should be enough to be hearty, but not oily/greasy), the tomatoes weren’t those ultra-thicc American beefsteak tomatoes that are all water and no flavor (roma tomatoes are superior in every way, change my mind: you cannot), and the lettuce was crisp and perfect :D not the flavorless shredded iceberg one so commonly encounters in restaurants, but instead crisp, velvety, flavorfully earthy romaine :3 just a delight all-around, I heartily recommend making a sandwich in this way if you desire to try it! alternatively, arugula or butter lettuce would likely be very good as well!

this foray into simple & easy lunchtime cooking today has made me want to make grilled cheese sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch >w< what can I say, we are a simple bean who enjoys simple pleasures, like fresh vegetables, cheese, and fatty pork belly.

sorry this one ended up being all about food, but that’s something I’m really interested in and enjoy doing! before I became disabled I was a cook at a sushi restaurant (chef has more meaning behind it, I know it might be more coloquially “correct” to say I worked as a sushi chef, but a chef we were not, I assure you!)

next time I prommy to update you all on my bullet journaling! please look forward to it! >w<