伺か (ukagaka) are a type of desktop application that originated in Japan around the year 2000 akin to a desktop “mascot.” data for characters (called ghosts) are independent from the base software (called SSP), meaning ghosts and their balloons (message bubbles) can be created by anyone.

aside from watching the characters converse, the software can also be used as an NTP client, notify the user of received POP3 email, manage a to-do list (and calendar), and update itself.

the english-speaking ukagaka community is small, but they’re very passionate and helpful. I’ve been inspired by cheerybot and would love to learn to write my own ghost someday :D

a screenshot of cheerybot being booped (double clicking on her face)
in this we see cheerybot being booped.

that being said, here’s some resources!

english-language ghost resources

japanese ghost resources

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