the retroweb/web 1.0

web 1.0 refers to how the internet was from about 1989 to 2004. retrocomputing is the modern use of obsolete soft & hardware. as someone who grew up in the 90’s, this aesthetic of the bygone internet and of computers of eld is near and dear to my heart. so, you can consider this my little “web shrine” to that bygone era.
If you see something here that you made and we don’t have a link to you, please contact me so we can give you credit!

buttons & banners

touhou project2814hwae-sa autoblend scaramelllet’s crush capitalismi like computermilk tea now!graphic design is my passionyou’re telling me a queer coded this?jeremiah animal crossing now!sailormoonfurbyno binary? no problem!(◞°Д°)◞this machine kills fascists
peach fairyfuck genderfaeiancute attractioncloudspastel colorsamericani heart bookscoffeetealove hello kittykorilakkumalainsoot spritesatlussnesalditamagotchifirefox7zip now!png gangirfanviewcopyleftfragrance freeanarchyfuck fatphobiafeminism
sensitive neurodivergentshe/they queerinfjneetcomplex post-traumatic stress disorderchronic pain disorderrheumatoid arthritisehlers-danlos sydromemisophoniafibromyalgiaallergieschaotic goodfairy keimenheracottagecorecyberpunkkidcorenintendo switch


ancient internet creaturei’m cute :3i’m babysoft & warmi love my partnermean people suckanti-terf & pro transi’d rather eat cakefuck this. i am sitting on the floorwhen in doubt, take a nap!my melodymy sweet pianolittle twin starsstrawberry shortcakedespite everything, it’s still you (undertale)wish bearashnikkoi love perfumerupaul’s drag raceright click, view sourece
delete tiktokinstall ublock originpeepy itemlabel.comkatamari damacyfuck it we ball


there is no wrong way to have a bodyneurodivergentsapphic flagthis cat thinks u’re 12/10you are not immune to propaganda garfieldi am very sleepymake bad arti still sleep with plushiesi collect plushiesi love cute thingsi love gel pensi love old webascii emoticon enjoyerowoi love my dsretro gamingcakeflaniced teaichigo milkbubble teapink boba teafrench friesi love fairy keidoodlingstar beadssealjellyfishmy melody & cinnamorollcharmmy kittyrilakkumamenhera-chanmoominmollangclassic my little ponycare bearsrainbow britealcremiesylveonsnomsnomskittylucky starsailormoonsailor saturncard captor sakuracreamy mamisoot spritesstudio ghiblikobayashi-san no maidragondi gi charathamtaropopteppipikkufukkiretakero kero bonitobpm15qfuture bassstardew valleyanimal crossingoobletsundertalepom gets wifihoshi no kirbyanzu & kirara idolm@ster

some assorted miscellany

cat head bread appy juice internet yamero dance pixel flower menhera-chan bongo cat peach cat milkdance myaowlcat blushing polar bear walking tbh creature bun shaking head journal notebook lily of the valley animal crossing white peach calpico

places you can get pixel graphics

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