my rkgk

rkgk comes from the japanese word 落書き (rakugaki), meaning “scribble,” “grafitti,” or “doodle.” calling these attempts at humor ‘art’ is insulting to people who earnestly try to create something aesthtically pleasing. either way, I hope these bring you some joy, bc I enjoyed making them. :3

uwu crystala neon green crabqueen roger from LISA: the painful
venom and hellboy kissingfollow your dreams, cute octopus-tan~!a very strange creature on all fours with a very long head asking ‘sup?’
my fanart of rando from LISA: the painfulexarchbol son with a staffcrystal exarch eyebol son
bradley in his sexy boy outfit from LISA: the painfula trex painted in trans flag colors saying ’trans rights! terfs suck!a very muscular femroe from ffxiv wearing a pig head costume, a sport bra, and some leggings which reveal her bulge, her midriff has “pig hoe” tattooed on it. she is making a little toot.
buddy from LISA: the joyfultrizbol sona thicc bee with boobs and 2 stingers

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