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The retroweb refers to recreating with modern technology the way the internet was pre-corpoweb, meaning before facebook, twitter (and now X), youtube, and other corporate social media websites took over our collective attention spans and sanitized the web into the clean, advertiser-friendly, and homogenous experience most people are familiar with these days. It is a yearning for a bygone era, and an homage to web 1.0. At least, that’s what it means to me. cute yay As someone who came of age in the late 90’s/early 00’s, the aesthetic of old-school internet is near and dear to my heart. Thus, this can be considered my little “web shrine” of sorts to that bygone era. If you see something here that you made and you’re not linked at the bottom of this page and would like credit, please contact me so I can add it!

favicon records 88x31 button, peach fairy, petalkitty, cutecoric, faeian, and cute attraction 80x15 buttons are made by me and licensed under WTFPL.

buttons & banners


anti-terf & pro trans fuck your fascist beauty standards ancient internet creature right click, view sourece install ublock origin delete tiktok i feel violated by corporate invasion on my attention span i love my partner silly!! i have no special talents, i am only passionately curious everything has beauty but not everyone sees it warning: cuteness ahead i’m cute :3 i’m baby soft & warm i’d rather eat cake when in doubt, take a nap! naptime AEUEUGUGUGHH hhhh girl pretty lts i <3 sanrio little twin stars my sweet piano my melody i love tokage chiikawa strawberry shortcake wish bear k-angel sylveon despite everything, it’s still you (undertale) i love perfume rupaul’s drag race uhhhhh sucklet itemlabel peepy itemlabel.com katamari damacy


there is no wrong way to have a body did u take ur meds? sapphic flag this cat thinks u’re 12/10 you are not immune to propaganda garfield i am very sleepy make bad art destroy cringe culture i love old web ascii emoticon enjoyer owo pantone 2562-C stardust magical girl i collect plushies i love cute things i love my ds retro gaming cake flan iced tea ichigo milk bubble tea pink boba tea marshmallows french fries doodling star beads seal jellyfish my melody & cinnamoroll baby milk charmmy kitty rilakkuma korilakkuma alpacasso menhera-chan moomin mollang classic my little pony care bears rainbow brite lucky star sailormoon sailor saturn card captor sakura shoujo kakumei utena creamy mami soot sprites studio ghibli kobayashi-san no maidragon di gi charat popteppipikku fukkireta moe shop kero kero bonito bpm15q cy8er future bass future funk needy girl overdose alcremie sylveon snomsnom skitty stardew valley animal crossing ooblets undertale pom gets wifi hoshi no kirby

miscellaneous pixel art

pansexual flag by diegovainilla on deviantart mahou shoujo demisexual flag by diegovainilla on deviantart

white peach calpico bun shaking head peach cat internet yamero dance pixel flower milkdance polar bear walking tbh creature vibecat journal tiramisu pudding by nonkiru


pink nodding capoo bouncing creacher cute thonk heart eyes pink uwu face cute pink uno reverse card with hearts anya yay tiny hold pats you drag her, slay her bocchi overload noooo sad kirbo adorbs aheemheem boolied bun hug bweep capoo heart capoo joy capoo scare cat blush cat crying cat eyes vibe cat cat giggle cat heart cat popcorn catto omg catto yay plush duck with a knife eggpats frog dance froggers sad frog in the rain ghost heart grabba hakase laughing haum heart inside a speech bubble hmmm kanna poggies kanna hype kanna having a sip of a beverage frog with kicky leggies kitty blushing klee pissed off knife korilakkuma staring blankly menhera-chan smaccing a table like bongocat cat macaron miyuki flustered blob under a blanket having a nap catgirl with glowsticks being HYPE webcomic name oh no usada pekora doing her ‘pain peko’ face pikachu wow angery >:c pink face pls shut up popuko urm pout sad crying cat with thumbs up sakura flower dancing shark sleep deprived guy with undereye circles and holding coffee sobbing so hard spinny dance get stickbugged lol tiny shy upsetti pomeranian kpop dab

kaomoji & emoticons

( •◡-)♡
ヾ(〃⌒ω ⌒)ノ
⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡
(˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)
( ≧ᗜ≦)
৻( •̀ ᗜ •́ ৻)
٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡
˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶
(ㅅ´ ˘ `)
( ˘̥̥̥ ᵕ ˘̥̥̥ )♡
( •᷄ὤ•᷅)
꒰ ∩´∇ `∩꒱
꒰ꇐωꇐ ू꒱
( * ›ω‹ )
(´•̥ ω •̥` )
(* ॑꒳ ॑*)
٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶~♡
( •´ω•` )ﻭ✧
٩( ᐛ )و
(¦3 っ )っ
。・*・:≡( 「ε:)ノ
⁽⁽꜀(:3꜂ ꜆)꜄⁾⁾
(∩´͈ ᐜ `͈∩)˖*♬೨
( ◞˟૩˟)◞☪✦.⋆✩⃛
˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚
♪.⁽⁽ ◝꒰´꒳`∗꒱◟ ₎₎₊·

some of my favorite emoji

🍥 🩷 🩵 ✨ 🪷 🌸 🌙 🍰 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 💖 💕 🤌🏼 🧋 ☕ 🍵 🪼 🍓 🥐 🧃 🦥 🍤 🍮 🍑 🏴‍☠️ 🥚 💯 👀 💦 🫶🏼 🙌🏼 🫰🏼 🤭 🍟 🍡 📚 🍨 🌷 🦀 🙏🏼 💅🏼 👾 🤖 🥹 🥰 🥲 💐 💀 🔮 🥴 🥺 📛 🦑 🔰 🤔 🫠 🙃 🥬 🦐 🎴 🫢 👏🏼 😭


pixel graphics