welcome to peachmoon, a smol peach fairy’s personal website. this is a place for me, mana, to shout my thoughts into the void in a much more aesthetically-pleasing way than your traditional social media account. I grew up with the small web, and these sorts of more personal websites are a source of nostalgia and joy for me, so of course I had to get started making one again as soon as I could. tehe

you’ll find lots of information about whatever silly hyperfixations I’m currently into here, along with stuff people have made for me, art I’ve created, my blog, and how to contact me, if you’re interested in doing that. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting my little corner of the web. Thanks for stopping by!

peach bullet by kingluludeer on deviantart last updated: 2024.07.14, added a new quiz and a few new picrews.


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journaling too, is lilyyuri...