site updates

24/05/11: new blog post, minor changes to about page, added new quiz results
24/04/22: wao! new blog post!
24/04/21: updated the about section!
24/04/05: added more art to the fridge from lucidiot.
24/04/03: added more art to the fridge from Palette Jam.
24/03/30: changed the color palette of the site.
24/03/27: added new art to the fridge from Lian!; restructured the old art page and called it the fridge >w< tell me it’s not cute: you can’t.
24/03/13: added second blog post
24/03/11: added fanart & creations, added more to picrews
24/03/06: added first blog post, removed under construction graphic
24/02/27: filled out about section, added some fanlistings to the front page.
24/02/21: initial upload, a peachmoon is born!

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